Team Development

Are you serious about building a successful team? It can be a challenging process, because people contribute different opinions, knowledge, values, education, prior experiences, etc. But teamwork and collaboration can be taught and developed, based on your organization’s needs. ASK has extensive experience in facilitating team development programs.

Our program is tailor made and designed to deliver concrete results, based on your organization’s needs and expectations. We provide experiences where your employees talk about what they need and feel. We enable your leaders to better relate to and lead. The focus is on developing the people in your organization, not just their behavior.

To make it a successful and memorable day, ASK’s facilitators will apply a number of engaging, inspiring, stimulating, informative and challenging activities. Your team will be taken through the “bigger picture” of the organization and its role, team productivity and individual responsibility.

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Change the Culture: Improve the Results


Short Description
Changing your organization’s culture is the toughest task you will face as a leader. To do so, you must win the hearts and minds of the people you work with. You will have to look for ways to get people to experience the realities that make change necessary. Empowered employee teams can help your organization to improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity and quality, and lower costs. Our program approach provides an opportunity to focus on key issues, which are likely to affect the team, and at the same time agreeing to concrete actions to improve your organization’s results.

ASK supports you in planning, execution, and follow-up of the program. As an outside partner we can facilitate a smoother transition in your corporate culture. We have no ties to anyone in your organization, which makes it easier for us to recommend changes and courses of action.

ASK’s program will give your team a boost in the direction of more productivity, success, and results. We will put your team in a creative, playful conversation about the essence of the desired culture and the actions that are needed to improve.

This program will support you and your organization to:
• Identify components of a winning team
• Build a winning team
• Make productivity and output a main focus point
• Ignite the spirit of achievement and excellence
• Make the team communicate effectively
• Explore core professional values of the team and it’s members
• Develop a team action plan

Duration: 1 full day and 2 preparatory meetings
Language: English
Participants: Maximum 30. If your team is bigger, a second facilitator will be added
Target Audience: all team members from any sector
Training Location: In-house or at ASK’s offices

Contact: Laurens Hoekstra


Mr. Laurens Hoekstra excels in helping organizations and individuals maximize the value they realize from their investments in learning and development. He is an accomplished executive with line-management expertise as well as experience in strategic planning, productivity, and technology development.

Mr. Laurens knows the challenges of running a company and making every investment count. As Principal Consultant at ASK, Mr. Laurens provides consultative services in the areas of leadership development and coaching for leaders at all levels, training in HR-related topics, and teambuilding activities.