TU Delft Starts Phase Two of the “Entrepreneurial Education Program” for ASK Employees

Following the enriching Phase One that took place in November 2012, ASK employees have started today, January 20th, their second phase of the exclusive and intensive training program designed and conducted by entrepreneurship experts and lecturers from the Delft Centre of Entrepreneurship in the Delft University of Technology – The Netherlands (TU Delft).

TU Delft – The Netherlands, one of the most prominent universities in the world, is the largest and oldest Dutch public technical university located in Delft, Netherlands. In 2011, Times Higher Education–QS World University Rankings ranked TU Delft as the 18th top engineering schools in the world. Its Centre of Entrepreneurship has an ambitious program which contributes to the innovative capacity of economies helping them gain competitive advantage. For this reason, ASK is proud to have this exclusive training program conducted by the TU Delft Centre of Entrepreneurship hosting expert lecturers and entrepreneurs from TU Delft who come with ample experience on the topic of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial services.

The TU Delft Centre of Entrepreneurship “Entrepreneurial Education Program” training will enable ASK to design, develop and implement its own entrepreneurship programs that will, in turn, empower a diverse group of individuals to become successful entrepreneurs who can pursue their career aspirations while simultaneously create new job opportunities in their communities. These programs will target Young Startups, Women, Youth, Professors and Teachers, and Corporations.

Made up of several phases, by the end of this training program TU Delft – The Netherlands will issue certifications to ASK’s employees as a seal of our abilities to build and implement Entrepreneurial Programs.

ASK for Human Capacity Building is founded on the notion of continuous pursuit of learning  and advancement opportunities that will support its mission to empower individuals into becoming proactive citizens, by “enabling them with positive Attitudes, 21st century Skills and invaluable Knowledge to enjoy a quality life”. These programs are yet another part of ASK’s services that will empower generations to give back to their communities.

Follow our day-to-day enriching moments, learnings and interactions in Phase Two on and