Together We Reach the Top

Um Katheer Girls School

Um Katheer Girls School is one of the schools that participated in the “Preserving Our School Property” program. The change journey started by working with the school Principal, Mrs. Almaza Aql and the teaching staff, in emphasizing the importance of awareness given to students, and the required means in transforming them into real life practices through scientific ideas and initiatives. The school has more than 1,100 student, in different learning cycles, and it is in need to raise these students level of responsibility while activating their role in the school.

The change cycle commenced with the delivery of the students’ training program – leaders of tomorrow – where the students and the teachers formed teams to conduct the agreed on activities and initiatives. As the program progressed, and due to the positive effect that is evident on the students’ behavior, the school community’s willingness to participate increased. Mrs. Almaza, the school’s principal, added that “this is a special program that is delivered in a civilized approach”.

To raise the awareness of the school community members, a team responsible for the initiative “My School is My Second Home” designed creative murals for the purpose of showing the importance of maintaining the school property. Additionally, a second team implemented two more initiatives entitled the “The Charity Bazar” and “My Healthy Food” in cooperation with the mothers.

The students also effectively implemented the “We Are First to Participate” initiative to recycle some of the unused materials and make attractive looking trash cans. After that, educational workshops were conducted for an entire week for young students in primary grades to educate them on the positive practices concerning the maintenance of the school environment and property. These initiatives were highly promotional and reached the entire school community through creating a Facebook page by the student Sajida under the teacher Suhair’s supervision.


Employing drama has a great impact in promoting positive behaviors and modifying undesirable behaviors. Therefore, a group of students prepared the content of the play that shaded the light on the most critical issue, which is preserving the school’s property and the students’ role. These plays were performed during the school assembly.


By the end of the training program the school has cherished the great role that majorly impacted on the students and guided them to create a better learning environment that elevates the efforts of the entire school and local community members. The training program also emphasizes on sustaining the efforts by planning a number of initiatives to be launched next semester. The students expressed how thankful they were by saying: “We thank this great program and couches, we admit that we were hesitant to participate at first, but towards the end we were very happy for deciding otherwise”. A student named Fatima said: “the program added a lot to me on the personal, school and social levels.”, while another student added “the program allowed me to have more confidence of myself and I now have the ability to speak freely with my classmates and get to know them more”. The students – Leaders of tomorrow – also ensured to continue working inside and outside the school and transfer what they have learned to other students.