Together We Create Hope

Ibeen High School for Girls

The “Preserving Our School Property” program was implemented in Ibeen High School for Girls to empower the school community members, namely: teachers, administrators, students and their parents. The program focused on developing the targeted groups’ competencies and building a school community that is capable to deal positively and collectively with the school’s property.

Within the program a number of activities and initiatives were conducted mainly aiming to engage the school community members in maintaining the school property, reject sabotage and negative actions performed by students, while also engage students and develop their positive attitudes towards their school.

To achieve the desired aims, a meeting with the school’s principal and a school team was conducted to identify the challenges facing the school to come up with effective solutions that shall address these challenges. The most critical challenges faced in Ibeen High School for Girls were that students were damaging the school’s furniture and physical property and that they are not maintaining the school’s hygiene.

As a result, an integrated school team was formed, where students – The Leaders of Tomorrow – were assigned in groups, under the supervision of a group of teachers, to cooperate in implementing various initiatives and activities to reduce and overcome the challenges facing the school. In addition, procedural plans were prepared to ensure achieving the desired goals within an appropriate time frame.

Frequent field visits were done on regular bases to meet with the school teams to highlight their achievements and provide them with the necessary feedback to improve their performance level.

On the other hand, several activities and initiatives were developed to promote the school’s environment, taking into account the cleanliness of the school’s playgrounds and facilities. Other teams were formed to follow up on and maintain the school’s furniture and physical property using the maximum of available resources.


As part of the program, awareness campaigns to educate the school’s community members were done using specially designed leaflets. These campaigns shed the light on the importance of the role of the school’s community members in maintaining the school and the role of parents in developing a participative school community. A variety of social media networks were as well activated to ensure that the school community members are effectively communicating with each other and to build a partnership with the surrounding community.

As a result, the school garden was carefully taken care of by the school community. The garden was severely damaged by students and others living nearby. Fortunately, it was repaired through a special initiative done by students and teachers who worked together on cleaning and taking care of it until it became an example of beauty.

The classroom environment, had a significant impact on student’s academic and behavioral achievement levels. Therefore, the school community also worked on decorating the classrooms by designing different teaching aids and drawing beautiful paintings. All of which reflect positively on students’ academic achievements, behavioral performance and drove students to preserve their school property. After decorating the classrooms, it started to look like a museum that is full of scientific teaching aids, beautiful paintings and decorations allowing students to enjoy their lessons in a comforting atmosphere.


It is worth noting that the initiatives that were done, such as: “The Most Beautiful Classroom” and “The Ideal Student” motivated students and made them more competitive. On the other hand, the school planned weekly and monthly initiatives and were assigned on the school’s agenda, to insure that the initiatives are continually implemented and renewed. “This program had brought life back to the school” said the school’s principal. While the student Mariam, said: “We find ourselves when we implement interactive activities and initiatives, so we will continue the work”.