Make Your Mark

Khaleda Alqurashia Mixed School

In a school were students didn’t do any efforts to maintain its property and no actions were taken in this regard, immediate action had to be taken to address the situation, especially since the school lacks the financial resources and capabilities.

Through the training workshops, conducted in cooperation with the teachers in the “Preserving Our School Property” program, the main focus was coming up with ideas to help engage students in preserving their school’s property. Teachers started working with students on different initiatives and activities to achieve their ultimate goal which is a beautiful school that is made of their own efforts. Working with the students on the initiatives and activities, showed that they possess an enormous potential and a strong desire to work for their school. Therefore, the teachers’ role was to encourage and motivate students to be creative, while providing them with the necessary advice and guidance. The students’ training workshops mainly focused on motivating them to preserve their school and property, and to raise their loyalty to the school.

Two groups were formed to support implementing the activities that contribute in spreading the culture of preserving the school property. “I Belong to My School” was one of the initiatives that were implemented. This initiative showed the creativity of the students in recycling and investing in empty cardboard boxes, and in making beautiful trash cans out of them.


The planning and implementation process of the program was done over three weeks, including field support visits to follow up on students’ work and to provide the needed advice and guidance. The school’s principal thanked the working teams for investing in the available materials; using them to create a beautiful school environment.

To complete the hard work aiming to preserve the school property, it was necessary to involve the parents and the community members in the process. In support of our belief in the importance of strengthening the relationship between the school and the community, the “My School is Beautiful” initiative was launched. This initiative was mainly to attract the parents and the community members and to increase their loyalty towards the school and their children as well. The activities included in the initiative included decorating the school with planting different types of trees donated by the parents and the community members.


A committee of teachers and students was formed to identify the appropriate locations for planting the trees and to rearrange the school’s garden. The work was divided among the students and they began working joyfully, hoping that their school becomes nicer than it was in the past.

The field support visits that were conducted had a great impact on motivating the team working on the program, and in encouraging the community members in implementing the initiatives. At last, to insure the sustainability of work, the formed committee allocated the school garden into small parts and formed small teams made up of a number of students, one teacher, one parent or a community member, to continue the work in the future and to take care of the plants.