Busy as a Beehive

Sahab Girls School

“The initiatives at our school have never been given enough attention or encouragement before, but with this program, we started with much enthusiasm to innovate and implement several school activities and initiatives that aims to improve the school’s physical and human resources”, this is what a student participating in training indicated.


The program had many positive effects on the school, where the field support visits encouraged the teachers and the administrative staff to support students’ activities and develop positive practices in an attempt of maintaining the school’s physical property. An integrated team of teachers was formed and given the name “Student’s Environment Team”. This team was mainly formed in order to follow up on the students’ initiatives and to hold regular meetings with the students to discuss the outcomes and provide them with the needed materials, tools and other means of support. Moreover, these ongoing meetings with the principal and counselor contributed in embedding the significance of the program within the participants; highlighting the roles of effective leadership that the administrative staff need to apply while engaging with students, teachers or parents.

From the challenges that were faced while implementing the program at the school was that the students were not responding to the program as it was expected. Therefore, the efforts were intensified in order to clarify and explain the impact and goals of the program, while providing students with direct support and encouragement to actively participate in organizing the program’s events and activities through communicating with teachers and the administrative staff. All of which led to raise student’s awareness and encouraged them to start planning for a number of initiatives, in addition to forming a team to perform in the school plays on a weekly basis in the classroom or during the school assembly.

“My Beautiful School” is an initiative implemented by students and aimed to raise student’s awareness of the importance of having a clean school environment, through designing a number of educational aids and group activities. The school also implemented many other initiatives, such as: “Thanks, My School”, its main idea was to develop student’s positive attitudes and enhance their sense of responsibility towards their schools.


“We will continue to give” a sentence that was repeated by most of the school community members after they have witnessed the positive energy and watched closely the developing improvement of the school environment in both behavioral and physical aspects. Therefore, the theatre team will continue to perform different topics in a remarkable and exciting performance, while the teachers’ team will also continue to follow up, develop and organize more activities. As for the school principal, she will be always ready to provide the needed support for all.