A Day at My School

Faisal Alawal Boys School

Faisal Alawal Boys School is located in the center of Aqaba, with more than 1,400 students attending the school from 1st to 10th grade.

There were many challenges facing the school, most notably were the lack of communication, the lack of parent and local community engagement and students’ low awareness levels when it comes to maintaining cleanliness of the school environment. Furthermore, students tend to behave in certain manners that lead to damaging and harming the school’s facilities and physical property, such as writing on the walls and breaking the doors, windows and desks.

Implementing the “Preserving Our School Property” program in Faisal Alawal Boys School was delivered through a school committee that was operating under the supervision of the school’s principal Mr. Ziad Al Faran and was led by the vice principal, Mr. Mohammed Abu Al-Hija alongside a group of teachers and students. The committee planned to allocate an entire school day to implement a number of activities that aimed to:

1- Raise students’ awareness of the importance of preserving the school’s public property.
2- Engage students in activities that aim to preserve the school’s furniture and physical property and reflect the beautiful image of the school.
3- Address some of students’ undesired behaviors that the school is suffering from, by delivering specialized lectures on the topic.
4- Engage students’ parents and the school community members in activities that contribute in enhancing their role in supporting the school.
5- Discharge the students’ excessive energy that is reflecting negatively on the schools properties and facilities, through engaging them in sporting activities, competitions and events.
6- Honor outstanding students who have participated in several initiatives while implementing the “Preserving Our School Property” program, and reinforcing the role model student’s role at the school.

Throughout the program’s implantation process, different activities were designed to achieve the previously mentioned goal. These activities varied between awareness lectures – that were specially designed for students covering different subjects, such as: the environment, school hygiene and drugs – and sporting activities, competitions, and telematch games. In addition the school designed a thorough cleaning campaign that covered all the school’s facilities and play grounds. Moreover, three school plays were performed, where one of them focused on the importance of preserving the school’s furniture and physical property.

The “National Day” is the name assigned for the day of the project’s implementation. The national day was on the 21st of December, 2015, and it was named accusingly as it focused on strengthening the sense of belonging and imbedding the principles of the desired school culture inside and outside the school concentrating on honesty, cooperation, and taking responsibility.

“This day had a great impact on the students and their parents and also on enhancing each student’s sense of ownership towards his school, showing students that their role goes beyond preserving the school property, as they shall not allow anyone to mess with the schools’ property and facilities” said Abdul Rahman Al Jihad, an eighth-grade student at Faisal Alawal Boys School.

As a result of the National Day, the school was prepared for the first semester examinations in a clean, healthy and comfortable environment that reflected positively on the students’ performance. The school also started rehabilitating its school garden. The rehabilitation of the garden is expected to be completed by the first month of the second semester of 2016, according to the work plan. The work plan also contains training three teams with seven students in each team, in order to renovate 120 seats to be reused inside the classrooms. Furthermore, these teams will draw a variety of drawing targeting that the importance of the school’s values and culture on the outer walls of the school.