ASK’s School Excellence Framework

ASK offers a comprehensive School Excellence Framework, consisting of 6 training programs, designed and developed based on global best practices, in line with the UAE Inspection Framework 2015-2016. Each training program is highly flexible, is tailored to the needs of each individual school, and its duration is dependent on each school’s current realities and where it aspires to reach.

Each of the training programs consists of three components: Face-to-face training workshops, Onsite support and mentoring, and Online resources.

1. Face to face Training: Each workshop consists of a PowerPoint presentation, facilitated using the most advanced interactive facilitation techniques, adult learning approaches, and active learning strategies. It is 5 hours long, but can be conducted in a flexible manner ­– where it is possible to conduct the workshop over two 2.5 hour sessions after school hours, or on weekends. Each workshop targets a maximum of 25 participants at once.

Each participant receives a training manual which is a resource and a reference for participants to use beyond the lifespan of the training program. The training manual summarizes the practical strategies, techniques, and theoretical material used throughout each module to support participants in implementing the learnings from the training, and achieving a sustainable impact.

2. Onsite support and mentoring: Each face-to-face training workshop is followed with an onsite support and mentoring session; which is another extremely effective professional development approach that yields direct tangible results. On‐site support offers authentic learning experiences derived from beneficiaries’ direct work environment. It enables participants of implementing the learnings of the training program at their workplace, while receiving the required support and guidance from ASK’s Expert Training Consultants.

3. Online Resources: To further promote and support participants’ development, each participant will have access to the training resources and a wealth of supplemental learning resources, including videos, articles, presentations, etc.

For most effective program intervention, ASK utilizes its tested and proven ‘Behavior Change Management’ approach in designing and conducting the professional development programs which focus on advancing individuals as a whole on three levels simultaneously by transforming their Attitudes, developing their Skills and enriching their Knowledge. This approach positions the beneficiaries as active participants to any training program starting by ensuring their buy-in and enhancing their sense of ownership and commitment towards the desired program outcomes. By focusing on individuals’ attitudes, beneficiaries are able to internalize new practices, and thus maximizing the sustainability of the program.

ASK’s Tailored School Excellence Solutions

Each of ASK’s 6 School Excellence programs are designed to raise the school performance standards and performance indicators. Each program is further tailored and enhanced to address each school needs and priorities. Below are a list of the program names, designed in line with the UAE national inspection framework.

  1. Students’ Attainment & Progress
  2. Students’ Personal and Social Development, and their Innovation Skills
  3. Teaching & assessment
  4. Curriculum
  5. The protection, care, guidance and support of students
  6. Leadership and management
Together Towards School Excellence
  1. School Situational Analysis (1 week) – ASK’s Expert Training Consultants will work with the school team to diagnose and review the current school reports, school improvement plan, students’ attainment and progress data, etc.
  2. Design Your School Excellence Program (1 week) – ASK’s Expert Training Consultants will work with school leadership to define the desired objectives, improvements, and the future of the school. In coordination ASK will devise a detailed Tailored Improvement Plan, based on the School Excellence Framework, to reach school goals given the budget and time constraints of the school. ASK will set clear actions to achieve objectives, with clear time-scales, resources required, and responsibilities of each person.
  3. Implementing Your School Excellence Program (duration based on need) – ASK’s Expert Training Consultants will implement the training program(s), facilitating the interactive face-to-face training workshops, onsite support and mentoring, and providing participants access to online resources.
  4. Monitoring & Evaluation (throughout program implementation) – Throughout the training program, ASK will utilize monitoring and evaluation tools to ensure the program’s effective implementation and positive. Essentially, ASK will assess the impact of the program, whether it is achieving the desired objectives, and accordingly will further enhance the training program to achieve the highest sustainable results.