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WOLFERT BILINGUAL, ROTTERDAM, is recognized as one of the top secondary schools in the Netherlands, awarded by the Dutch Ministry of Education for 4 years in a row. Mr. Koot, the school’s principal, welcomed the group, and shared the mission and vision of the school. WOLFERT BILINGUAL is the only school in the Netherlands where students learn six mandatory languages in grades 7-10; Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.


The group was split into 6 different groups and enjoyed a 45 minutes’ tour of the school, guided by self-confident students. The guiding students provided remarkable insights about their school and their learning dynamics. Back to the meeting room, there was an opportunity for questions & answers and exchanging views with school principal.

After the school visits, the group enjoyed the “ROTTERDAM HARBOUR TOUR (SPIDO)”, and the stunning sunny views of the Rotterdam harbor, as they were able to see with their own eyes how the Dutch keep innovating and expanding Europe’s biggest harbor. After the tour, the group headed to a Dutch pancake house at Delfshaven, the historic harbor where the Mayflower set sail to New England, where they founded the new land (United States of America).