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The group travelled to The Hague to understand one of the best examples of a school with a clear vision on the 21st Century education: MONTESSORISCHOOL LEIDSCHENVEEN, THE HAGUE. In a school where teachers function as designers of the environment, resource people, role models, demonstrators and meticulous observers of each child’s behavioral growth, they also measure learning, create their own assessments and interventions.


“I admired that teachers are not restricted to a certain curriculum; they have the flexibility in choosing the activities that suits their students’ best interests” Ms. Moza Z

The group was able to observe the teachers in action, and understand how they facilitate the learning process. Moreover, the group received a presentation from the school principal Mr. Maarten Stuifbergen, who presented the school’s mission and vision and shared powerful quotes with the group; “Listen to the students, let them discover, differentiate your teaching”. For the school tour, the group was split into 6 smaller groups each one with an assignment to visit 3 different classrooms from three different age groups. The participants received enough time to integrate and exchange views with students and teachers. After that, the group also had another session with the principal, where questions and reflections were shared