Islamic Studies Teaching Strategies

This program was specifically tailored, designed and developed to meet the needs of educators in the UAE, empowering them with effective teaching strategies for the Islamic Studies subject matter. The program aims to enhance the attitudes, skills and knowledge of teachers, heads of faculty/department coordinators, and senior leadership in teaching Islamic Studies subject matter to students, with the ultimate purpose of empowering them with a firm grasp of this subject and enabling students to play an active role in the UAE society. The programs consist of three phases:

  • Phase 1: Foundations – Provides participants with an understanding of key educational concepts across the areas of curriculum, instruction, planning, and assessment.
  • Phase 2: Application – Demonstrates how to apply foundational topics discussed in Phase 1.
  • Phase 3: Transformation – Introduces participants to an action research methodology they can use to explore professional development topics independently. In addition, it discusses how Heads of Faculty can support teachers through professional learning communities and reflective practice.