InHolland University Back to Train ASK’s 4th Batch of Future Leaders of Change

In less than five months since the certification of its 3rd batch of Leaders of Change, ASK for Human Capacity Building has already hired and started qualifying its 4th batch of meticulously selected expert coaches. They are well on their way to becoming certified as Leaders of Change from INHolland University – The Netherlands andASK to implement ASK’s human capacity building programs.

As one part of their intensive four and a half months of ‘Leaders of Change-Training of the Trainers Program (LoC-ToT), ASK is excited to have an international expert coach from InHolland University – The Netherlands for this joint program. ASK’s long-term collaboration with InHolland University – The Netherlands has proven to be a significant asset to ASK’s organizational development and its Leaders of Change. InHolland’s expert coach comes with an abundance of knowledge, expertise and wisdom in the educational field, international consulting and professional development programs making his contributions continuously invaluable for ASK. Among the areas he will focus on include Change Management, Coaching Skills, Critical Thinking and Intervision Approached Training.

The 4th batch of expert coaches is receiving the latest in training modules and emergent practices. This will allow them to reflect on the training program to enable them to tailor their new learnings into the local context when implementing ASK’s professional development programs. All this is done while receiving and providing instant feedback/input on their practices and approaches.

Once certified ASK’s Leader of Change become empowered to guide, enrich and advance individuals by using the most recent training, coaching, facilitation and mentoring techniques in accordance to the beneficiaries’ specific needs. They will be entrusted in carrying out our nationwide human capacity building programs in both our educational and employment sectors