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DELFT University of Technology is the largest and oldest Dutch public technological university; the 175 years old university hosts over than 20,000 students, both undergraduates and postgraduates. The group was introduced to YES!Delft (TU Delft incubator/ accelerator), a unique innovative setup, which unites the forces of start-ups, coaches, investors, and innovative corporations to fuel entrepreneurial success


“From my visit to Delft University of Technology, and especially YES!Delft, I have learned that the environment and the place can play a significant role in stimulating creativity and innovation” Ms. Ameneh Z

After YES!Delft, the group visited DREAM HALL (an addition to the program), where the participants were introduced to student teams, consisting of students from TU Delft, with different cutting edge new invention projects; the first hydrogen race car, human robot skeleton, human submarine and electric racing motorbike.
“From the Dream Hall I learned to focus on innovation. I also noted the importance of innovation to serve individuals globally. I was astonished by the robots developed and manufactured to provide support to individuals with disabilities.” Ms. Nadia A

The group also had the chance to visit the TU DELFT LIBRARY, constructed in 1997, one of the most famous green building projects in the Netherlands. The roof of the library is covered with grass, which serves as a natural insulation. The structure lifts from the ground on one side providing an on-foot path to the top of the building. The library is topped by the steel cone, giving its unique shape. All the walls are completely filled with glass. The library won the Dutch National Steel Prize in 1998 in the buildings of steel and hybrid constructions category.
After a lunch in the Aula of the University, the MoE gift was handed over to Delft University director, Drs. Paul Althuis.