Community school de polsstok visit

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is a textbook example for other schools when it comes to stimulating policies of exercise and sports, both in class and outside the class. The school has won numerous national awards for its achievements. The school merges three different types of school under the same building, Islamic, Christian and Public, serving as an educational institute and a center for the community.

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The group was greeted by the principal “Meester BartJan Commissaris”. His enthusiastic presentation and charismatic presence and warmth included an overview of the Dutch educational and childcare system. He shared the school’s vision; “All children are equal and have the right to receive equal education and equal opportunities in life”, and the way the school and community changed in a positive way since 2001. A very inspiring story for any educator.

“I have learned that the most important dimension of the Dutch exposure is the human development to build a nation, and the biggest challenge I have ever seen is the school’s strength in bringing together 155 nationalities with affection and love” Ms. Aisha A

The group also did a full tour through the school and pre-school, the neighboring Islamic school and the parents’ room. The latest initiative of the school is the “Spel-O-theek”, which is a room positioned outside the school, with a huge collection of educational games that can be used by the students and parents that have no budget to buy such games.