Certified Teacher Program – Accredited by Inholland Academy

With our Certified Teacher Programs we want to equip teachers with the tools and qualifications to develop and succeed in changing and challenging times. We empower teachers to become leaders who think with clarity and act with confidence and conviction. We enable teachers to better understand themselves and their responsibilities while at the same time blending the practice and theories of successful professional development. We believe ASK’s approach has a huge impact in corporate training. Our goal is sustainable change in a complex – interdisciplinary and intercultural – environment.

ASK’s Certified Teacher Program offers three different levels:

  • Certified Intermediate Teacher (CIT)
  • Certified Advanced Teacher (CAT)
  • Certified Expert Teacher (CET)

The Certified Teacher Programs has a modular design where each program consists of 6 Master Classes. Each master class consists of 2, 3 or 4 workshops, depending on the level. The table below illustrates the three levels of ASK’s Certified Teacher Program and the corresponding workshops under each Master Class.

Teacher Table