ASK’s Singapore work visit – Day 4 Impressions

Proud to be an integral part of the educational service

On our last day, Professor Paul Teng (Principal Officer) welcomed us to the National Institute of Education (NIE), the national teacher training institute in Singapore. In addition to offering programmes for beginning teachers in schools, NIE also caters to teachers who wish to enhance their competence and knowledge as they strive to meet the new and changing demands of their career through Higher Degree Programmes, Leadership Programmes, and Professional Development Programmes and Courses.

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Empowering to Empower

Associate Professor Low Ee Ling (Head of Strategic Planning and Academic Quality) presented an overview of NIE, and the scholars programme, especially designed to groom outstanding scholars who have a passion for teaching and inspiring tomorrow’s youth. After the presentation we had a discussion with faculty members of NIE. It was an excellent exposure to the holistic approach towards (continuous) teacher training and development.

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