ASK’s Employees Continue to Build Entrepreneurial Services with TU Delft’s Expertise

Phase One of TU Delft’s-The Netherlands enriching “Entrepreneurial Education Program” training left ASK’s employees with extensive knowledge of the latest advancements in the entrepreneurial world. From day one,ASK’s employees showed commitment to this program and continue with their determined drive to work on designing and building ASK’s much anticipated “Entrepreneurial Education Program” services.

ASK’s employees, who took part in the first phase of this stimulating training, are now vigorously utilizing the newly acquired knowledge, expertise and resources to further enhance ASK’s entrepreneurial services by preparing for the second phase to take place in January 2013.

All phases of the training program are hosting expert lecturers and entrepreneurs from TU Delft who come with ample experience on the topic of Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial services.

TU Delft will issue certifications to ASK’s employees by the completion of the training program as a seal of our abilities to build and implement Entrepreneurial Programs.

We are looking forward to the second phase of this inspiring program with great anticipation.
Stay tuned for our day-to-day update of phase two!