ASK wins the UN Women Project; Enhancing Education Services Provided for Syrian Women and Children at the Za’atari Refugee Camp

This post is also available in: Arabic

ASK for Human Capacity Building was awarded the UN- Women project related to enhancing education services provided for Syrian women and children at the Za’atari Refugee Camp.

The project aims at improving the quality of educational services provided at 3 centers in Za’atari Camp that target illiterate women, children ages (6-12 years), children in kindergarten, in addition to the Syrian teachers who provide these services at the centers. To achieve the set goal, ASK will study the needs of the target group and develop a training program that targets 100 Syrian woman, 80 Syrian children, 100 kindergarten children and 30 Syrian teachers who were hired by UN- Women to offer services to Syrian refugees at the camp. The training program will consist of 3 components which are:

  • Developing the competencies of Syrian teachers program: targets (30) Syrian teachers in 3 centers. The program is focused on equipping them with the needed teaching skills and competencies to work with adult learners as well as kindergarten aged children simultaneously, in addition to promoting a sense of responsibility in children.
  • Literacy Program: targets (100) illiterate woman. The program is specialized in teaching Arabic language, English language, mathematics, and computer.
  • Children’s program for ages (6-12 years): targets (80) children. The program focuses on providing the necessary support for children to complete their homework together and develop responsibility and self-confidence skills … etc.

ASK’s expert consultants will implement the training program according to the latest best training strategies that commensurate with the target group and the difficult circumstances they are undergoing. We are full of hope for a successful implementation to achieve the project’s noble goals, reduce the suffering of our Syrian brothers and sisters, and add this project to ASK’s success stories in the field of Education and building human capital.