ASK Supports Raneen in its Mission to Spread the Love for Listening to Stories

A socially responsible company is a proactive citizen. As a social enterprise and as part of its mission, ASK for Human Capacity Building is committed to the sustainable development of society.

Through its “Empower Life” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program ASK is taking an active, responsible interest in supporting individuals and communities.

Under its “Empower Life” Program, ASK is supporting Raneen, a startup non-profit organization that produces Arabic audio stories for disadvantaged and blind children between the ages of 5 and 16 with the aim of developing their listening and Arabic language skills.
Raneen’s project also helps improve children’s communication and enhances their imagination and love for listening.
The project seeks to train teachers and others on utilizing these stories to enhance students’ listening, critical and analytical skills.

As experts in content development of professional development programs with special focus on the education sector, ASK consciously decided that supporting Raneen would be a strategic and valuable step that will precisely benefit involved Raneen beneficiaries.
In light of this and as a first step, ASK developed content for Raneen’s Teacher Manual which aids teachers in utilizing Raneen’s ‘Audio Library for Children’ in their lessons. To facilitate this endeavor, ASK developed content for topics including ‘Listening Skills’, ‘Drama in Teaching and Listening’, and ‘Asking Questions’.

In July 2009, the Raneen Foundation was honored with the King Abdullah II Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement.
As part of her plan, Rawan Abu al Failat, founder of Raneen, is working hard on making this ‘Audio Library for Children’ available for schools and organizations that serve these disadvantaged children across Jordan.
Commenting on this initiative, Dr. Amin Amin, CEO and President of ASK stated: “We are very proud to be extending our services and support to creating content for Raneen’s mission, which is in line with our educational mission. It is a true pleasure to see such young passionate individuals who are positively contributing to our society.”