ASK Ends Its “Advanced Facilitation Skills” Training Program with Desires for More!

ASK for Human Capacity Building concluded its intensive “Advanced Facilitation Skills” training program making it a monumental success as ASK’s Expert Facilitator empowers the participants with new meanings of facilitation. This ‘Training of the Trainer’ (TOT) was held for the Civil Society Program (CSP) funded by the USAID targeting expert trainers from across Jordan.

ASK designed an interactive stimulating and enriching training PD program that left all the participating trainers with extremely high spirits and a positive determination to apply what they have learned in their own training sessions. As one of the participating trainers, Ms. Sana pointed out that ASK’s program and Expert Facilitator “really added valuable information, organized our thoughts more, and gave us the right push and energy for future sessions”.

Another participant, Ms. Asma’a thanked ASK for “its unique program that offered enriching and valuable information through the advanced skills of its talented and knowledgeable Expert Facilitator whose style in facilitating has greatly benefited everybody”.

Furthermore, this enriching PD program witnessed high levels of interaction and creativity with desirable changes in the trainers’ attitudes and perspectives. Dr. Amer, a participant, expressed that when he previously conducted his own training sessions he was reluctant to include some of the activities carried out in ASK’s training program. However, after having personally took part of these activities “I now have more confidence and believe these activities are a must to include in my own sessions”, expressed Dr. Amer.

The program ended with all participants surprising ASK’s Expert Facilitator with a celebration cake, cake fireworks and flowers for everybody in appreciation of ASK’s program and everybody’s great efforts