ASK Earns a Resounding Place in Ernst & Young’s Second Intrapreneur Program in Jordan

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ASK for Human Capacity Building is proud to announce that it will be hosting and working alongside a high-performing financial manager from Ernst & Young (E&Y) for six weeks as part of Ernst & Young’s Financial Services (FS) Intrapreneur Program, facilitated by Endeavor.

This Program is a E&Y corporate responsibility (CR) initiative through which it is dedicating its most valued resources — its talented people — to support high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs in the emerging markets of South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Dr. Amin Amin’s (ASK’s CEO) position as a prominent high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneur enabled him to take advantage of this monumental opportunity to further enhance the services offered in ASK to meet the high standards of demanding economies.

After much success with this Program in South America, Endeavor had its first Jordan Intrapreneur placement early 2011. The entrepreneurs’ experience with the Program proved to be very beneficial and rewarding, and according to their feedback and experience E&Y & Endeavor decided to proceed with the second cycle of placements. ASK is proud to be the selected company for the second round of Intrapreneur placement.

This Program, which is one of the many advantages of being supported by Endeavor, will provide ASK with access to financial services skills and expertise. It will also address our key business strategies to maximize their impact and provide access to a wider “virtual” network of FS management expertise, mentoring and business intelligence. In addition, this program will promote economic empowerment of high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs and the creation of wealth for the communities in which they live and work.

Such a Program will certainly foster the collaboration between high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs, FS Intrapreneurs and local E&Y offices to sustain relationships developed through the Program. The skills developed and knowledge transferred will ultimately have a catalytic impact on ASK and consequently the region’s social and economic growth.

We are looking forward to welcoming E&Y’s consultant and to the anticipated resounding success!