ASK Conducts a Mentorship & Project Implementation Training Workshop under INJAZ’s Social Leaders Program

A socially responsible company is a proactive citizen. As a social enterprise and as part of its mission, ASK for Human Capacity Building is committed to the sustainable development of society. Through its “Empower Life” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program ASK is taking an active, responsible interest in supporting individuals and communities. Part of this program heavily focuses on supporting youth in becoming proactive citizens to lead better quality lives.

ASK and INJAZ enjoy a special relationship as Dr. Amin Amin, CEO and President of ASK, is one of the active mentors with INJAZ. With this commitment and as part of its “Empower Life” program, ASK is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with INJAZ under the latter’s Social Leaders Program II (SLP).

On May 23, 2013, ASK conducted a special “Mentorship and Project Implementation” training program at its offices for prominent businessmen, social leaders and youth. These leaders are playing an integral role in mentoring youth by dedicating their time, efforts and expertise to stimulate these youth’s intellectual and personal growth.

For this purpose, ASK designed and developed this training program especially for the SLP II. Through ASK’s program the mentors will further help build the capacities of youth and expand their horizons and understanding of planning, designing and implementing high impact social leadership projects in collaboration with such businessmen and social leaders in Jordan. These social projects will help solve challenges facing the Jordanian society.

ASK’s “Mentorship and Project Implementation” training program is directly and simultaneously fulfill the objectives of two components of INJAZ’s SLP, Mentorship and Social Leadership Projects. In particular, ASK’s training program built a clear definition of Mentor-Mentee relationships, their roles, and skills. Finally, ASK’s program allowed for the transferring of the mentors’ experiences and expertise to the participating youth.

“We take pride in always thriving to empower our youth and create opportunities for them to learn from role models in our society,” INJAZ CEO Deema Bibi commented. “And ASK‘s contribution to further support this mission is yet another step towards this goal that we both share. We would like to thank ASK for their support and look forward to more similar opportunities.”

ASK for Human Capacity Building is a social enterprise that strives to work hand-in-hand with different stakeholders to empower and enable proactive youth with the right attitudes, 21st century skills and enriching knowledge to lead a better quality life. “ASK fully supports initiatives and collaborations that seek to empower our youth to induce positive change in our society. They are our future leaders,” commented Dr. Amin Amin. “And we are very proud to be able to take yet another step closer towards this endeavor with INJAZ”