ASK Celebrates its One Year Anniversary,Towards Innovating the Future

It is with immense pleasure that ASK for Human Capacity Building announces its 1st year anniversary.The past year witnessed substantial growth and was filled with significant milestones and developments. One such momentous achievement was the growth of the ASK team from a handful to over 55 members in just a few months.Externally, ASK won several extensive national-wide projects in both the Education and Employment sectors.

ASK Certifies Two Batches of Leaders of Change During the past year, two batches of newly appointed ASKemployees were certified as Leaders of Change (LoCs), by INHolland University-The Netherlands and ASK , after completing the 4.5 month-long Train the Trainer Program. These Leaders of Change have since joined the remaining team of LoC’s to implement national-wide Professional Development programs.

ASK Wins the LETS Bid

On April 4th, 2012 ASK surpassed all competing companies in winning the bid for the Learning Environment: Technical Support Program (LETS). LETS is a 5-year-long nationwide project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), that aims to create enriching and safe learning environments for students in 320 public schools across Jordan; making it one of the biggest educational projects across the region. Read more about LETS

ASK Elevates Standards

ASK continues to implement the Professional Development component of the Education Reform Support Program (ERSP), funded by USAID, to enhance the capacity of Jordan educational Reform Support Program (ERSP) which supports the Ministry of Education’s Educational Reform, and is funded by USAID. ASK‘s role under ERSP is toenhancethe capacity of Jordan educational stakeholders to elevate the standards of the public schooling system and to support the overall advancement of Jordan’s education reform. Read More about ERSP

ASK Partners with Delft University of Technology- The Netherlands

Delft University of Technology-The Netherlands and ASK will partner to develop three Entrepreneurial Education Programs to be implemented across the Arab region as part of ASK’s Employment Services. These programs will target youth and women who have start up companies; teachers and university professors to nurture students’ entrepreneurial skills; and finally, corporation managers to cultivate entrepreneurial employees in their companies.


Last, but not least, Women’s Campaign International (WCI) and ASK are collaborating to implement the Active Leaders for Women’s Advancement in the Near East project (ALWANE). ASK is enhancing the competencies of over 300 participants, consisting of established mentors and aspiring mentees. These participants aim to create advocacy groups to further advance women leadership in their respective countries, by influencing policies and their makers across 17 countries in the MENA region.Read more about ALWANE.

ASK Impacts Success Stories

When celebrating such an honorable milestone of passing the one year mark, we also celebrate the success stories which are motive for us to work even harder. The way we directly impact and enrich the lives of students and professionals alike, gives us immense honor and pleasure to be in this line of work. In return, reminding us that transforming the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge of individuals may create invaluable life changing experiences for others. Click to read some of ASK’s Success Stories.

Celebrating with a Day Out

On July 4, 2012, the hills of Ajloun joined in celebrating ASK’s 1st year anniversary, with the sounds of enthusiasm of all team members, in what turned out to be a highly successful social event.

To commemorate the end of one significant milestone and the beginning of more to come, ASK enjoyed a day filled with sun, food and team building activities, that supported ASK’s mission of being a Learning Organization.

The event was a true display of teamwork, leadership and sharing! Every team member exhibited extraordinary collaboration and high spirits early on from the planning stages until the final activity of forming a memorable picture of ASK’s name. The day went a long way in bringing everyone together with ample interactive activities and delicious prizes. It gave a chance for all team members to get acquainted and literally “saved another 6 months of getting to know each other!”, as one new Leader of Change pointed out.

To wrap it all up, ASK’s CEO, Dr. Amin Amin and GM Dr. Mohammed Hourani thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication. They went on to encourage all team members to continue exhibiting ASK’s high standards of commitment, positive attitude and excellence.

On behalf of all ASK members, we are extremely proud and would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our success thus far, and look forward to embarking on new journeys and to even more prosperous years to come. Happy 1st Anniversary!