A Day of Goodwill, Excitement & Sharing

How do you get a group of fasting employees to get all excited and energized?

Certainly, the ASK Way!

On Monday, August 6, 2012, ASK for Human Capacity Building held its weekly meeting. However, this particular meeting brought our social responsibility to life when, with full gear, every single ASK member got very enthused writing heart-felt letters to 35 orphans. The sentiment to take this initiative beyond mere letters was echoed across the room and ideas bounced off with the speed of a ping pong ball. What did stand out, though, was the men’s ability to tie ribbons around their nicely rolled letters! Bravo!

Achievements didn’t stop here though. Five teams got together with very high spirits to play ASKJeopardy. Some questions pertained to our Human Capacity Building industry, others to general knowledge and others… let us just say, tested our knowledge of how well we knew our colleagues! Excitement levels soared in the room as competition was fierce right from the start. Unsurprisingly, the team with our CEO, Dr. Amin Amin and GM, Dr. Mohammed Hourani, won the game. Still, the day didn’t end here.

After Jeopardy, and with the same level of enthusiasm, all ASK members gathered and quickly journeyed to Deir Al Qamar Restaurant for the ASK Iftar; certainly a delicious way to end the day. The tables were filled with delectable food being passed from one hand to another, great conversation and memorable pictures. Ripples of the jeopardy game were still being felt as riddles and questions bounced around.

Part of ASK’s embedded social responsibility involves bringing a smile to all those around it; whether through a letter to let the orphans know that we are committed to their well-being, or getting teams to eagerly collaborate to give the right Jeopardy response, or through feeding someone who is fasting. These are all part of the Ramadan spirit andASK’smission to become a positive driving force of change.

Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak to you all!