Monthly Archives: September 2018

Implementation of My Identity – Phase 3

ASK is proud to share that it has completed the implementation of My Identity program for the years 2017 and 2018 for the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK). For the goal of  strengthening national identity of Emirati and residing students across all private schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, PSQA launched My Identity program to emphasize the cultural, […]

Professional Development Week

As the new school year kicks off and as part of the Professional Development week in the UAE, ASK cooperated with a number of private schools in Abu Dhabi to hold workshops that were specifically developed to address teachers’ needs. The workshops focused on incorporating modern teaching and evaluation strategies as well as ICT methods. […]

اسأل للاستشارات والتدريب تتعاون مع مدرسة الروافد الخاصة

ضمن تعاون اسأل للاستشارات والتدريب مع مدرسة الروافد الخاصة – أبوظبي، قامت اسأل بتقديم سلسلة من ورشات العمل التدريبية المتخصصة في  اللغة العربية والتربية الإسلامية والاجتماعيات، وقد شارك المتدربون في فعاليات الورشات التدريبية بحماس كبير، وقاموا بترجمة الأفكار والمهارات التي تم اكتسابها من الورشات التدريبية إلى ممارسات واقعية على أرض الواقع وفي داخل الغرف الصفية، […]

Workshops for private schools in Abu Dhabi by ASK

ASK has carried out a number of training workshops for various private schools targeting Arabic language, Islamic education and social studies teachers. The topics were diverse and related to strategies and teaching methods in general as well as teaching methods for Arabic language, Islamic education and social studies in particular. The workshops were delivered according […]