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Improve your child reading skills in Arabic

Have you thought of ways to develop your child’s reading skills in Arabic?

Does your child have difficulties in understanding what she/ he reads?

Does your child have challenges in extracting main ideas from what she/ he reads?

Does your child have issues in summarizing what she/ he reads in their own language?

Are you looking for an effective approach to support your child in overcoming her/ his challenge in reading in Arabic?

Do not think too much, “ASK for human capacity building” is here to help YOU.

ASK is offering online learning workshops aimed at the development of students’ reading skills in Arabic.

Our online workshops:

  • Focus on enhancing children abilities to read Arabic text in a fun and enjoyable way. We are using advanced strategies and methods that are tailored to your children needs and preferences.
  • Are conducted by qualified educational experts who are highly qualified in Arabic language and technology.
  • Target students from the grades 5 and 6.
  • Will be implemented using Zoom Application.
  • Duration of the workshops: 2 hours each.
  • Number of workshops: 4 workshops (one weekly).
  • Cost of program: 45 JD for 4 workshops.

Workshops dates and description:

01/11/2020    Extracting main ideas.

08/11/2020   Expressing main ideas in student’s own words.

15/11/2020   Summarizing topic in student’s own words.

22/11/2020   Interpreting meaning of words in the readable topic.

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