From The Field

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ASK always excels in embedding positive values in the field, the impact created by its experts and the stories told everyday entitled with success. ASK has, and still, invest its best efforts to improve the teaching – learning process at school, ASK has left a fingerprint with its performance virtuosity.

We are glad to share with you, stories from the field, which were witnessed by our expert trainers during the implementation of one of the professional development programs “Preserving our School Property – Phase II”. The program aimed at guiding and raising the awareness among the students, teachers, parents and the school community members towards preserving the schools’ property. The training workshops focused on reinforcing the roles of the community members towards their schools, and on building cooperative relationships and collaboration within the school community members. Additionally, the workshops also ensured formulating unified goals to unite the school community members and to innovate numerous activities and initiatives for them to make the positive change in their schools possible. This contributed in creating a positive culture amongst the members of the school community that helped them in interacting with the school’s facilities in a harmless manner within an interactive environment. The initiatives and activities were translated into real life daily practices, that has illustrated the most beautiful definitions of cooperation and interaction that aims to improve the school; reflecting positively on providing an appropriate teaching and learning environment for students. Below is a sample of those stories that we are happy to share with you.

Protecting my School with my Actions (Al Qasr Mixed School).

Together We Create Hope (Ibeen High School for Girls).

A Day at My School (Faisal Alawal Boys School).

Busy as a Beehive (Sahab Girls School).

My Ideal School Reflects My Identity (That-Nitaqayn Girls School).

Our School Is Our Responsibility (Dogarah Boys School).

Make Your Mark (Khaleda Alqurashia Mixed School).

Together We Reach the Top (Um Katheer Girls School).