UAE School Improvement Programs

ASK offers a variety of tested and proven school improvement programs, which were specifically designed and developed to meet the needs and demands of school in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ASK‘s programs are designed according to the latest global best practices in education and professional development, while ensuring the programs are tailored to the needs, culture, and language of schools in the UAE. 

Certified Programs

With our Certified Programs we want to equip teachers and principals with the tools and qualifications to develop and succeed in changing and challenging times. We empower teachers and principals to become leaders who think with clarity and act with confidence and conviction. We enable them to better understand themselves and their responsibilities while at the same time blending the practice and theories of successful professional development.

1. Certified Teacher Programs: Is certified by Inholland Academy – the Netherlands. It consists of three different levels: 

  1. Certified Intermediate Teacher (CIT)
  2. Certified Advanced Teacher (CAT)
  3. Certified Expert Teacher (CET)

2. Certified Principal Programs: Is certified by Penta Nova University – the Netherlands. It consists of three different levels:

  1. Certified Intermediate Principal (CIP)
  2. Certified Advanced Principal (CAP)
  3. Certified Expert Principal (CEP)

3. School Excellence Framework: ASK offers a comprehensive School Excellence Framework, consisting of 6 training programs, designed and developed based on global best practices, in line with the UAE Inspection Framework 2015-2016. Each training program is highly flexible, is tailored to the needs of each individual school, and its duration is dependent on each school’s current realities and where it aspires to reach. Read More >
 4. Noon Alkitabah: The program aims to develop the techniques of teaching Arabic language writing through a unified framework that achieves integration across the different educational cycles, while following unified standards of the Arabic language. Read More > 

5. Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports System: The program focuses on empowering social workers, educators, and school behavior team members with strategies and techniques – based on the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports System (PBIS) – to ultimately improve the learning environment in schools. Read More > 

6. Islamic Studies Teaching Strategies: This program was specifically tailored, designed and developed to meet the needs of educators in the UAE, empowering them with effective teaching strategies for the Islamic Studies subject matter. Read More >

7. Arabic Language Teaching Strategies: The program consists of two components, targeting Native Arabic speakers and Non-native Arabic speakers. The program aim to enhance the attitudes, skills and knowledge of teachers, heads of faculty/department coordinators, and senior leadership in teaching the Arabic Language subject matter to students. Read More >