ASK in Brief

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visionWhere human capital innovates the future.

missionTo enable individuals to lead a fulfilling life and contribute to their communities through transforming their Attitudes, developing their Skills and enriching their Knowledge.

philosophyWe believe that the investment in human capital is the vehicle to sustainable economic and social prosperity. With the urgent need to cater to the growing number of youth in the region and carry out reform interventions in education, workforce development and civic participation, we at ASK are working towards ultimately empowering Arab youth and equipping them with the needed Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge to become proactive critical thinkers, decision makers and above all knowledge workers.

historyASK Arabia was founded in 2011 with less than ten employees. Within its first two years of operations, ASK’s staff grew to more than 90 employees implementing nationwide and regional projects. These projects are contributing to the education reform in Jordan, UAE, and the Arab region, enhancing the employability skills of professionals and entrepreneurs, and advancing the role of women and youth as leaders and positive contributors in the Arab world.