Monitoring & Evaluation

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ASK’s Monitoring and Evaluation systems track the progress and assess the impact and effectiveness of projects (small and nationwide) targeted at beneficiaries and their communities. These systems are designed and developed in collaboration with the Instructional Designers and implemented by ASK’s Monitoring and Evaluation Team.

ASK offers a range of M&E services, including:

  • Support in defining the main terms and concepts associated with the processes of monitoring and evaluating in our client’s projects and programs
  • Articulation of effective M&E approaches and prioritizing according to the context of our clients
  • Select and use of a range of M&E tools, suitable and proven for the Arab region
  • Development of indicators, approaches and methods to M&E, tailored to the needs of our clients
  • Selection and use of various methods and tools for data collection
  • Effective and purposeful reporting systems ensuring that the implemented M&E system lead to organizational learning