Professional Development Programs

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ASK’s professional development programs transform the Attitudes, enhance the Skills and enrich the Knowledge of individuals, teams and organizations through a ‘Behavior Change Management’ approach enabling them to excel in their professional and personal lives.

Our programs are developed in-house by ASK’s Expert Instructional Design team, who designs and develops the content of our professional development programs based on global best practices, and according to the objectives of the Clients needs of the Beneficiaries.

Main Components


Workshops are interactive direct face-to-face training sessions (full-day/hourly) conducted by ASK’s highly qualified and certified Expert Training Consultants. ASK’s workshops adopt a participatory – ‘Learning by Doing’ approach where all the new strategies and techniques are acquired through hands-on activities, reflection sessions, and team and pair work, supported by coaching and mentoring opportunities.
Onsite support is an intensive coaching and mentoring interface conducted in the beneficiaries’ work environment to build their competencies, develop new practices and to ensure that the newly adopted Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge acquired from the workshops are being translated into real practices to ensure sustainability of results beyond the lifespan of the project.

ASK Professional Development Programs


Tailored Professional Development Programs: These programs are tailored to the needs of our clients and beneficiaries.
ASK’s Globally Certified Programs: We offer our Certified throughout the year. Successful participants receive a globally recognized Certification from ASK and our Certifying Partners. Visit our Certified Programs page for more information.

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