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Having a vision for the future of our youth is not enough anymore.


Our world is changing in an unknown speed, nobody imagined that technology will be able to change our world the way it already did. The current curriculum in our schools and universities has been designed to produce the competencies needed for the labor market as we imagined our world would be ten years ago! Our education system and human capital industry have failed to advance hand in hand with the new realities created by todays’ technology. Our education system is demanded today to create qualified labor force for jobs that do not exist yet! Therefore we are forced to approach our education systems and human capital industry in a new innovative way.


Our youth are the ones who are bearing the consequences and paying the price for this gap between the education systems and the labor market. There is an increasing disappointment and dissatisfaction, especially among youth in the MENA region, (youth percentage of the total population in the MENA is one of the highest in the world).


ASK believes that every youth should be entitled to be enabled and empowered to have a decent job and life. We have committed ourselves at ASK to dedicate all our efforts, knowledge and passion contributing to solve this enormous challenge. We believe that true passion and sufficient resources are a must in order to ignite the needed change.


We live in a world today where our resources are scarce, our skills are outdated, our knowledge is limited and most importantly our attitude is hindering our progress. This is all about to change as the urgency has hit our region, our constitutions and, most importantly, our homes.


We know that there is a huge need for reform in basic education that matches today’s technological advancements. We need to simply rise to the demands of today’s labor market by creating highly competent knowledge workers.


It is a ‘Go Big or Go Home’ attitude that we must adopt to “Ignite the Change”. We must go big in transforming attitudes, go big in advancing skills and go big in enriching knowledge to “Ignite the Change” and solve the current challenge. This is the basis of ASK’s mode of operation.


When we talk about our believes on our website, we, at ASK, know that we are already well on our way to achieving those believes. As a pioneer capacity builder in the region, bridging the gap between the world of education and the world of employment is at the core of ASK’s innovative approach in providing capacity building solutions.


At ASK we believe that the investment in education MUST ultimately lead individuals to become self-learners, critical thinkers, decision makers and above all productive and proactive citizens, thus optimizing their personal and professional growth to ensure a better quality life.


We achieve our goal by building sustainable capacity building solutions that foster a deep long-lasting positive impact on the individuals, their work environments and communities. Our substantial experience in such solutions enables us to develop culturally sensitive solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


I welcome you to “Ignite the Change” with us by first going through our website and discovering more about ASK.


Dr. Amin Amin, ASK President and CEO