Workshops for private schools in Abu Dhabi by ASK

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ASK has carried out a number of training workshops for various private schools targeting Arabic language, Islamic education and social studies teachers. The topics were diverse and related to strategies and teaching methods in general as well as teaching methods for Arabic language, Islamic education and social studies in particular. The workshops were delivered according to the latest training methods conducted by ASK’s Expert Trainers who have tremendous experience in the fields of training and facilitation.

Dr. Amin Amin, CEO of ASK highlighted: “We always strive to provide the latest knowledge and skills in the field of education that are in line with advanced international practices and developed specifically based on the schools’ needs”. Dr. Amin added that ASK’s experience today in the field of professional development in general, and education in particular has made us pioneers and opened up new horizons enabling us to provide the most advanced educational and consulting services that contribute to the improvement of education in the UAE and the Arab world.

Dr. Amin mentioned that we pride ourselves and our achievements in the education field in general and in the field of Arabic language education, Islamic education and Social studies in particular, and we will build on these achievements to always provide the highest level of services for our partners.

We wish ASK more progress and success!