Implementation of Ithra’a Program

In March 2018, ASK Consulting & Training conducted a series of training workshops for “Ithra’a” program in cooperation with the Department of Education and Knowledge in the UAE. The training workshops targeted Arabic language and Islamic education teachers.

The latest topics in teaching those two subjects were presented according to the latest methods of training and facilitation and in line with the expectations of the Department of Education and Knowledge which calls for enhancing students’ creativity and innovation skills.

The workshop was met with tremendous enthusiasm from the participants where they highlighted the benefit and importance of attending the workshops. We would like to share some of the participants’ impressions:

One of the teachers mentioned: “We always look forward to attending similar workshops that contribute in developing the competencies of Arabic language, Islamic education teachers. The workshops provide us with the latest teaching methods for Arabic language, Islamic education and Social studies. Another teacher mentioned “We always need to learn of the methods that engage students in learning the Arabic language.”

Dr. Amin Amin, the CEO of ASK Consulting & Training emphasized that Ithra’a is one of the specialized programs in teaching Arabic language, Islamic Education and Social studies and it was developed based on the private school’s needs in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The program was then enriched with the latest teaching and learning strategies that are aligned with ADEK’s noble vision to strengthen Arabic language. Dr. Amin added that Ithra’a is built using the blended learning approach that combines face to face training with E-learning.

ADEK has launched Ithra’a in the year of 2015 where 61 training workshops targeting Arabic language, Islamic education and Social studies teachers were developed. In 2017, the program was updated based on ADEK’s vision that calls on the importance of taking advantage of technology in the field of teachers’ professional development. This is where 10 E-Modules were designed according to the latest interactive e-learning programs. In order to provide the needed support for Arabic language coordinators so they are able to utilize the program accurately and achieve maximum benefits, the E-Mentor program consisting of workshops about the E-Modules was held for all private schools in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.