Cultural Shift in Education

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In an article that outlines the importance of a cultural shift in the education system, a quote is mentioned by Sir Ken Robinson, the internationally influential voice in education, saying: “If you get preoccupied by a certain type of achievement then you don’t even look for other things people might be good at.”

Here are 5 factors to rethink in our education system, inspired by the thoughts of the global visionary Sir Ken Robinson:

  • Redefining the system. Rather than looking at how we can fix a system overwhelmed with many issues, we should consider looking at creating an innovative system that better fits our futuristic vision.
  • Honoring diversity. Humans are diverse in nature. Therefore, every individual is characterized by their own form of intelligence. We should be honoring the nature of diversity and welcoming it in our schools so that students feel motivated to unleash their potential and discover their talents and areas where they can excel. Understanding that it is not just about academics and stepping away from standardization will lead to students’ high achievement and satisfaction with learning.
  • Refining the purpose of education. Is it a question of providing students with information they do not know about the world surrounding them or letting them define their own education and discover their talents and interests? Either way, we must find a way to create an environment where children love to learn and feel encouraged to do so.
  • Realizing the importance of school culture. Not only do schools create a community around them but they also have a huge impact on whether this community is inspired and motivated. Ensuring that leadership is aware of the impact created by the school culture is key to building productive, innovative, happy communities.
  • Thinking ahead. Just like how we cannot predict the future, we cannot predict the knowledge we need for the future. This is why it is important to empower our children with the tools needed to be creative, problem-solvers able to synthesize and analyze information. We should reconsider the two major setbacks present in our current education that are conformity and compliance.