Modern Day Schooling Shortages

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Modern Day Schooling Shortages

Today, ASK is sharing a video titled “I Just Sued the School System”. This clip strongly calls for an urgent change where creativity, innovation, cooperation, and thinking critically are the main elements in our modern day schooling and our quest to create productive thoughtful citizens. This video refers to the current dilemma as an “Educational Malpractice” where the main theme is how conformity in schooling leads to failure.

It also addresses the essential problems with our schooling that has not changed in the past century where our teachers are underpaid and underappreciated and our children’s ability and creativity is restricted due to a school system focused on standardized testing and a systematic rigid curriculum, and where all children are treated the same, told what to think, how to act, and judged based on an ineffective crude grading scale all resulting in students’ staggering learning outcomes and inadequate preparation for the future.