The US$ 1 million Global Teacher Prize goes to The Palestinian Teacher Hanan Al Hroub

The 2016 Global Education & Skills Forum was concluded with the announcement of the winning teacher in the Global Teacher Prize. Mrs. Hanan Al Hroub, from Palestine, was announced the winner for this year’s US$ 1 Million Global Teacher Prize. The Global Teacher Prize is an annual award to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession, celebrating the best in teachers; inspiring their students and their community around them. The prize seeks to provide life to the remarkable work of millions of teachers around the globe.

The Global Education & Skills Forum 2016 (GESF) conference took place on 12th and 13th of March, at the Atlantis The Palm in the Emirate of Dubai. The GESF discussed how is it possible to involve education in everyone’s life; making education everybody’s business, in order to reconcile relevance, excellence and inclusiveness of both public and private learning environments through collective responsibility by politicians, business leaders, the teaching profession and the media.

The two day conference included numerous workshops, panels, debates and masterclasses, with topics varying from addressing the challenges of refugee children to increasing the greater collective responsibility of public education. The masterclasses were delivered by the candidates for the Global Teacher Prize.

As the President and CEO of ASK Arabia, Dr. Amin emphasized that “The participation of global celebrities in the GESF combined with the US$ 1 Million Global Teacher Prize is a huge step forward in aspiring the young generations in the importance of “The Teacher”, and hopefully this can further boost their classroom performance and ambition in life”.

Meanwhile, the CIO of ASK Arabia, Laurens Hoekstra, commented “The governments must focus on adopting long-term strategies for the education sector, instead of the currently implemented strategies; giving time for proper education reform to take place”