Dr. Amin Amin, President and CEO of ASK Arabia, wins Endeavor’s Global Direct Social Impact Award

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AND the “Direct Social Impact Award goes to an amazing Jordanian entrepreneur named Amin Amin”. These were the words of Endeavor’s Board Chairman, Edgar Bronfman Jr., as he presented the prestigious Direct Social Impact Award to President and CEO of ASK Arabia, Dr. Amin Amin, at Endeavor’s exclusive Entrepreneur Retreat event in New York, USA, on May 8th, 2015.

Dr. Amin, a driving force for human capacity building and empowerment in the Arab region, was recognized for his visionary ambitions, guidance, and continuous determination to improve the lives of millions through tailored capacity building solutions with a special focus on Education in the Arab region.

This distinguished award recognizes the single entrepreneur who, in 2014, achieved the greatest social impact globally in terms of job creation and stakeholders impacted. It was one of three awards successfully awarded to the network of Endeavor, which includes more than 1000 entrepreneurs world-wide.

Dr. Amin was one of the earliest entrepreneurs to be carefully selected as part of the first batch of entrepreneurs to join Endeavor’s prestigious network in Jordan back in 2009. Endeavor’s Board Chairman, Edgar Bronfman Jr., who presented the award at the Endeavor Entrepreneur Retreat, stated “He [Dr. Amin] was so compelling and so interesting (…) all of us thought he was one of the most amazing people we had ever met, that we decided that we just needed him in the network”.

The Endeavor Entrepreneur Retreat event was held in Westchester County, New York; an event that brought together more than 300 members of the network for three high-impact days of learning and in-depth discussions. This year, the event focused on peer-to-peer learning in particular; comprising top-tier keynote speakers, site visits to local companies, industry breakouts, intensive and inspiring IBM Watson workshops as well as workshops focusing on new innovation at the Google office in Manhattan.

Dr. Amin’s impact is evidently recognized through his leading Arab social enterprise ASK Arabia (ASK). ASK was founded in 2011 to successfully enable individuals to lead a fulfilling life and contribute to their communities through transforming their attitudes, developing their skills and enriching their knowledge. ASK is specialized in the provision of Professional Development, Consulting, and Monitoring and Evaluation solutions with cutting-edge expertise in the Arab education sector. Dr. Amin’s pioneering vision, ambitious leadership strategy, and dedication to world-class education in the Arab region is the key to ASK’s success and strategy in successfully addressing the growing demands and needs for human capital in the MENA region.

Over the past four years, ASK has established operating offices in Jordan, the UAE and Qatar, and is currently operating in Saudi Arabia on nationwide projects. In its first year of operation in the UAE (starting 2014), ASK has successfully won and implemented eight impactful educational projects, aiming to enhance the educational experience of Emirati students. Furthermore, Dr. Amin’s steadfast vision of world-class education has inspired him to create numerous global partnerships to ensure that ASK offers global best practices tailored to local Arab needs in all of  ASK’s solutions and services. These partnerships include Delft University of Technology, Penta Nova University, InHolland University of Applied Sciences and Kenneth Smit in the Netherlands; University of Reading in the UK; Norwich University and Creative Center for Leadership in the USA; and Singapore Education Consulting Group in Singapore.

With Dr. Amin’s leadership, and just under four years of operation, ASK has successfully transformed into a powerhouse for positive change across the region – having tailored over 3,000 professional development workshops with special focus on education, worked with over 1,200 schools, impacted over 472,000 students and effectively trained over 14,100 school community members, including teachers, school principals, parents and Ministry of
Education officials in the Arab region.

ASK is exceedingly proud of this unique recognition of Dr. Amin’s global impact. For those of us who know Dr. Amin, we also know this is just the start! With operations continuously expanding across the region, the value to be offered by Dr. Amin and ASK have not yet begun to scratch the surface. As stated by Dr. Amin, “I am extremely proud of this new achievement, it is the result of our collective passion and commitment to contribute to the enhancement of the Arab Human Capital and create new opportunities for our kids and youth. Endeavor has been the best support any entrepreneur can have to achieve her/ his dream”.

ASK Arabia is a social enterprise that offers innovative educational solutions for individuals, organizations and communities in Jordan, the UAE and Qatar. Established in 2011, ASK aims to empower teachers, principals and middle managers by providing training programs that can enhance their attitude, skills and knowledge. For more information, please visit or

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