ASK Gets Coached by Creative Associates Inc. on “Modeling Behavior” in Schools

“The only certainty we know is that change is here to stay”- Chris Fagueret, Creative Associates Inc. – Jordan

On Monday the 25th of March, the offices of ASK for Human Capacity Building hosted a dynamic half-day workshop by Mr. Chris Fagueret, the Chief of Party of the Learning Education: Technical Support Program (LETS) at Creative Associates International Inc. in Jordan. This workshop comes to support ASK’s work in the field for this nationwide program which aims to enhance the learning environment to make it safer, healthier, more caring and more engaging. The workshop focused on coaching ASK’s Leaders of Change on Change Management, particularly on how to accept and create change in schools.

Mr. Fagueret, who comes with ample experience on this topic, pointed out seven crucial features that should be present to create an effective school. These features are: Safe and Orderly Environment, Clear and Focused Vision, Opportunity to Learn and Time on Task, Frequent Monitoring of Students Progress, Climate of High Expectations for Success, Educational Leadership, and Parents and Community Involvement and Support.

Throughout the workshop, LETS Leaders of Change showed intense participation providing live examples with in-depth insights from their own experiences in the field. They all believed in “Empowering the Students”, “Changing Attitudes” and many more mission statements they are implementing everyday in the 120 schools they work in.

Besides the necessity of winning the school principal’s buy-in from the start, the workshop also focused on the significant role of the parents and local community in perpetuating the continuous positive change in the school. “It’s one thing to have a mission and vision for the school, but it’s another to have the parents believe in what they mean”, Mr. Fagueret pointed out. The Leaders of Change elaborated on this point emphasizing the immense support parents and the local community can provide the school when they are involved in its activities, especially since they know their children’s needs and aspirations for the future.

The workshop was vibrant with group activities that brought to life the true meaning of an effective team with high levels of communication and collaboration.

“Cross your arms, one on top of the other, now cross the other way, it feels weird, right? Change is not comfortable”, said Mr. Fagueret. This attitude towards uncomfortable change is precisely what our Leaders of Change are succeeding in reversing everyday in the field. Together with enriching Knowledge and advancingSkills, ASK is here to first shift Attitudes.

“This is an exceptional opportunity that is in line with our ongoing efforts to build, enrich and support the capacities of our coaches. Our partnership with Creative Associates extends beyond project implementation. It is always a pleasure to have them with us in our offices,” said Dr. Amin Amin, CEO of ASK for Human Capacity Building