ASK Wins the Bid to Evaluate the Nationwide Jordan School Construction and Rehabilitation Project

ASK for Human Capacity Building is proud to announce that it has won the bid as the prime contractor to evaluate the physical and social impact of the nationwide ‘Jordan School Construction and Rehabilitation Project’ (JSP) funded by USAID on school community stakeholders and beneficiaries. ASK has been selected to lead a consortium it brought together with top engineering firms in Jordan for this comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation falls under ASK’s Monitoring & Evaluation services, one of ASK’s many extensive and comprehensive offerings that allow clients to benefit from all human capacity building solutions under one roof.

ASK’s JSP Evaluation Consortium’ will be responsible for evaluating the project through its end products and their utilization, which include 28 new and 100 rehabilitated schools spread across Jordan, to provide conclusions and recommendations on the project’s achievements and impact on beneficiaries’ behaviors and attitudes. The evaluation will seek to determine the social return on investment of the JSP schools on all involved stakeholders and beneficiaries from their perspective.

To ensure effective results, ‘ASK’s JSP Evaluation Consortium’ will conduct intensive onsite visits to schools, focus groups and interviews with representatives from all key stakeholders and beneficiaries including, but not limited to, students, teachers, the Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Public Work (MoPW), JSP school leadership teams and construction contractors.

The four-year long JSP was launched to support the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) efforts to enhance the learning environment and increase access to schools as part of the Government of Jordan led Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy (ERfKE) initiative. JSP’s primary focus has been to reduce overcrowding in public schools, replace rented and double-shifted schools and provide a safe and more suitable school environment to respond to the needs of the MoE’s reform efforts. Worth $199 million, 28 new public schools were constructed and 100 more are for rehabilitation as part of the JSP.

With only 18 months of operation, ASK is excited to take on such an ambitious and dynamic monitoring and evaluation venture that will further confirm its leading position in the provision of comprehensive human capacity building services