TU Delft Commences its Entrepreneurial Education Program Training at ASK

Thursday October 18, 2012 marks the beginning of ASK’s Entrepreneurial Education Program training conducted by Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) – The Netherlands.

ASK Leaders of Change and team members will participate in an exclusive intensive training program designed and conducted by TU Delft experts who will grant certifications upon completion.

TU Delft is the oldest public university in the Netherlands, established in 1842. With its unique technological infrastructure, broad knowledge base, worldwide reputation and successful alumni, TU Delft is contributing significantly to the development of responsible solutions to urgent societal problems in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. It is renowned for its Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship, with highly experienced personnel, which develops the competencies of students and researchers and incubating their start ups towards becoming successful businesses.

This TU Delft Entrepreneurial Education Program training will guide and support ASK in the design, development and implementation of three Programs that will enable a diverse group of individuals to become effective entrepreneurs who can create new job opportunities in their communities.

The three programs target:

  1. Youth and women running startup companies
  2. Teachers and university professors: to nurture entrepreneurial skills in their students
  3. Corporation managers: to cultivate entrepreneurial employees in their companies

ASK for Human Capacity Building is founded on the notion of continuous pursuit of learning and advancement opportunities that will support its mission to empower individuals into becoming proactive citizens, by “enabling them with positive Attitudes, 21st century Skills and invaluable Knowledge to enjoy a quality life”. These programs are yet another part of ASK’s services that will empower generations to give back to their communities.