A Conversation with Dr. Amin Amin Attracts Harvard Students to Intern in ASK

Social entrepreneur and CEO of ASK for Human Capacity Building, Dr. Amin Amin is the focus of a hearty discussion with Harvard Masters students; attracting many of them to intern in ASK.

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts – On September 4, 2012 Harvard University Director of the International Education Policy Program Professor Fernando Reimers invited Dr. Amin Amin, CEO of ASK for Human Capacity Building for a “conversation” with Harvard students pursuing their Masters in education.

Dr. Amin highlighted ASK’s innovative, comprehensive and tailor-made Professional Development solutions it implements in the Arab world. He spoke of the major nation-wide projects that ASK currently carries out to support the Jordanian Ministry’s of Education educational reform.

Dr. Amin also emphasized the interconnected relationship between education and employment noting ASK’s equivalent focus on its employment services through entrepreneurial programs to be conducted in collaboration with Delft University – The Netherlands as well as empowerment projects with international bodies, such as Women Campaign International.

In all its projects ASK aims to empower active members of society with the right Attitudes, 21st century Skills and invaluable Knowledge to lead a quality life.

But these Harvard students already knew the above as they came in previously oriented with ASK’s website and remarkably impressed with its unique Professional Development solutions and its mission to empower individuals. This proactive initiative on their behalf opened the forum for enriching discussions about the employment and education challenges in the Arab world, its urgent need for continuous professional development, and ASK’s significant contribution to overcome these challenges.

These hearty discussions left the Harvard students eagerly determined to contribute to the reform process expressing deep interest in interning at ASK to carry out its mission.

Dr. Amin Amin is an inspiring leader and entrepreneur. His leadership style and insightful vision caught the attention of many international organizations. In 2012, he was ranked the 119th Most Influential Arab in the World in the coveted Arabian Business Power List: Power 500. Not only that, in 2009 Dr. Amin was selected as a High Impact Social Entrepreneur by the global network “Endeavor”.