ASK for Human Capacity Building announces a unique partnership with Delft University of Technology-The Netherlands to build comprehensive Entrepreneurial Education Programs across the Arab region

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It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that ASK for Human Capacity Building announces that its employees will undergo an intensive professional development program exclusively designed and implemented by Delft University of Technology- The Netherlands, to further advance ASK’s Employment Services.

Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE) under the umbrella of Delft University of Technology-The Netherlands is known for its highly experienced personnel in the field of Entrepreneurship, whereby they provide the necessary ‘resources for people to gain significant knowledge about entrepreneurship and develop their skills to start their own business ventures’.

An exclusive Training Program will be designed and conducted by experts from DCE, to further enhance ASK’s ability to implement three Entrepreneurial Education Programs: one for youth and women who have startup companies, another for teachers and university professors to nurture entrepreneurial skills in their students, and finally one for corporations- whereby managers are enabled to cultivate entrepreneurial employees in their companies.

ASK employees will undergo a rigorous program, which incorporates the latest advancement in Entrepreneurial Education, and practical tools and instruction to build such Entrepreneurial Education Programs within ASK.

ASK employees’ will then continue to undergo practical application by piloting one of the training programs under the supervision and guidance of experts from DCE. Finally, ASK employees will be certified trainers in designing and conducting Entrepreneurial Education Training Programs.

This is a great asset to the advancements of ASK’s Employment Services, and we look forward to launching our Entrepreneurial Education Programs across the Arab region.