ASK for Human Capacity Building celebrates winning the bid for the Learning Environment: Technical Support Program (LETS)

On April 4th, 2012 ASK for Human Capacity Building surpassed all competing companies in
winning the bid for the Learning Environment: Technical Support Program (LETS).This is the 5 th
winning project for ASK since it opened its doors 9 months ago in July, 2011, only confirming the
high-quality services offered by its’ highly experienced and qualified team members.

LETS is a 5 year long national wide project, funded by the United States Agency for International
Development (USAID); making it one of the biggest educational projects in the region.

ASK’s integral role in this project will start by joining Creative Associates and Johns Hopkins
University’s Center for Communications Programs (JHU/CCP) in a unified management structure,
implementing one joint work plan to improve the learning environments in 320 Jordanian public
schools (200 by Year 3). LETS program represents a holistic approach to learning environment
improvement in which the members of the school and its community are the drivers of positive
behavior change in Jordanian public schools. The overall project approach thus builds the
knowledge, skills and attitudes of the school community stakeholders, enabling them to work
together to become producers of their own school cultures and learning environments that
promote learning, positive behavior and overall psycho-social and physical well-being.

Managing and implementing such a large-scale project requires a distinguished team with a
reputed track record, highly qualified, creative and dedicated Change Coaches with innovative
approaches to improving school culture and climate. ASK will contribute to the project design,
overall leadership and implementation of the project. A team of educational experts will aid in
the design and implementation of a comprehensive educational system.

The working premise of the LETS program is that improving school culture and behavior will lead
to enhanced learning, effective classroom management, and improved students’ social skills,
and ultimately produce higher levels of student achievement. This will be achieved through an
evidence-base approach that involves: (a) assessments of the learning environment and quasi-
experimental impact evaluation, (b) strategic communications for behavior change, capacity-
building, and school- and community-based projects oriented towards learning environment
improvement, and (c) the operationalization and institutionalization of systems of quality
assurance (standards) and accreditation of learning environment quality. These three aspects of
the approach for the backbone of LETS three components.

Finally, this achievement was made possible by our highly dedicated and experienced faculty
members who have been working diligently as a team, ever since they joined ASK. We take
great pride in winning the bid for this project and are highly motivated to be working in it in
the coming years. Its’ objective is coherent and aligned with ASK’s mission in enhancing and
advancing the well being of individuals by expanding their knowledge and improving their skills
and attitudes, therefore we are thrilled about this great opportunity to positively influence
the lives of over ¼ million students in Jordan by working with all school stakeholder to create
positive school cultures in 320 schools across the kingdom.